This blog's title means "Cuban-hearted woman" (very loosely translated!). I settled on this name because it had a nice ring to my unschooled ear and, more importantly, because I think the Cuban people seem to have so much
heart, and they're in my heart for that reason. In general, the people I've met in Cuba are quite consistently open-hearted and big-hearted in the way they relate to each other or to visitors in their beautiful land. A piece of my heart now resides in Cuba, with the warm, wonderful friends I've made there. This blog is not intended to be a guide to Cuba, just a forum for my eclectic bits of writing – poetry, opinion pieces and information gleaned from my personal experience and reading.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

One day, we will celebrate my friend's birthday

Today is the day one of my dearest friends was born. He has chosen not to celebrate his birthday until Cuba is free. I respect that but still feel it is important to recognize his existence, so I am posting this poem I wrote with him in mind. I am glad he was born and I am confident that, one day, we will celebrate.



One day, my friend,
you’ll celebrate your birthday
as you wish.
One day, you’ll buy
a car and I’ll buy a house
and we’ll both sleep
like children.
One day, our friends
will march in the streets
with banners and signs and
rainbows in their hair but it won’t
make the news.
One day, we’ll all
have surf and turf picnics
in the park.
One day, you’ll call
and say, “I’m coming to visit!
Let’s go to Niagara Falls”
and, this time, I’ll be
the tour guide.
One day, Cubano,
you’ll have what we all want:

– Jennifer R. Cressman
June 7, 2011

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