This blog's title means "Cuban-hearted woman" (very loosely translated!). I settled on this name because it had a nice ring to my unschooled ear and, more importantly, because I think the Cuban people seem to have so much
heart, and they're in my heart for that reason. In general, the people I've met in Cuba are quite consistently open-hearted and big-hearted in the way they relate to each other or to visitors in their beautiful land. A piece of my heart now resides in Cuba, with the warm, wonderful friends I've made there. This blog is not intended to be a guide to Cuba, just a forum for my eclectic bits of writing – poetry, opinion pieces and information gleaned from my personal experience and reading.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

POEM: Alchemic Sky

Life has been so busy for me lately that I rarely have time to write anything other than email. This poem, which was inspired by seeing a beautiful sunset when I was driving home from work this evening, was a blessing. I saw the sky - so beautiful as the sun was melting into gold - and I thought of alchemy, that special magic which turns ordinary things into precious gold and always, my thoughts turned to Cuba.

Alchemic Sky
(A poem for Cuba)

I want to be the alchemic night
and melt the moon to honey;
I know you are hungry.

I want to be the alchemic day
and turn the sun to gold bars;
I know you need money.

I want to be the alchemic stars
and make your dreams seem possible;
I know you want more.

I want to be the alchemic sky
and change the world.

~ Jennifer R. Cressman
February 8, 2012

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