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heart, and they're in my heart for that reason. In general, the people I've met in Cuba are quite consistently open-hearted and big-hearted in the way they relate to each other or to visitors in their beautiful land. A piece of my heart now resides in Cuba, with the warm, wonderful friends I've made there. This blog is not intended to be a guide to Cuba, just a forum for my eclectic bits of writing – poetry, opinion pieces and information gleaned from my personal experience and reading.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Now booking Oct. 31 trip to Marea del Portillo


The information below is a notice I sent out recently to my "You're invited to Cuba!" email list. Since I sent it, the prices posted on the Sunwing website have dropped; I'm awaiting a revised quote. 

Going out on a mathematical limb, I would guess the new prices will be approx. 8 nights/$630 and 15 nights/$835 - no promises! All I can say is that I get a rate that is slightly better than what is on the website - and I pass that on to my groups without taking a percentage for myself.

Of course, if you wish to contribute financially to my humanitarian work, you can use the "Donate" button in the right column of my blog. You can donate regardless of whether you choose to travel with me or not! It is another way to help this rural, impoverished region of southern Cuba.

All-Girl-Yoga-Posse 2011 - Bendy Wendy Martin leading yoga at sunrise.
CUBA Oct. 31, 2012 trip - book by June 6

Yes, that's right, you need to plan ahead if you want to join the next All-Girl-Yoga-Posse trip to Club Amigo Marea del Portillo, Cuba! 

Why so early? Because I got a great price, if we book now...

VIP Cabana (upgraded all-inclusive package)
       8 nights:  $678
       15 nights:  $888

Please note that these prices include EVERYTHING - food, beverages, accommodation, flight and all taxes. AND, we'll have an extra day to play because we depart on a Wednesday but return on a Thursday due to Sunwing's seasonal schedule change.

       Depart:  Oct. 31
       Return:  Nov. 8 or 15

Wendy Martin of Sacred Breath Yoga will be offering yoga on the beach during the first week (Oct. 31-Nov. 8). This is a separate option, so it's not included in the package price; her fee (to be confirmed) will likely be $60-65/week for up to two yoga classes each day - a great deal!

In order to book you, I need three things by June 6:

       1. Your name as it appears on your passport
       2. Your date of birth
       3. A non-refundable deposit of $150 CDN

When you reply with the above info., please indicate whether you want to go for one or two weeks and how you will pay the deposit. If it's more convenient, you can use my PayPal account (the "Donate" button on my blog:, send money via email or drop it off at my store. There should also be time to snail-mail me a cheque.

Please do NOT pay the full amount at this time because there is a very good chance I will be able to get a price reduction in the next two months - another reason why booking early is advantageous!

This notice is going out to a large e-list that includes men; please pass the invitation on to any women in your life who may want to join the posse. I do not plan to send out any more mass emails regarding this special offer. My apologies to those who are not interested or are receiving this twice. 

I already have about a dozen women who have indicated that they want to go on this trip, which is especially nice because most have travelled with me previously and they're wonderful! Now, however, I need your money, June 6.

Two more things: 
- I will be able to add more people after the booking deadline BUT how many I can add will depend on how many I book initially (a Sunwing group booking quirk). So, I need to book as many people as possible by June 6.
- Those of you who were on the Oct. 2011 trip will probably remember Wally & Eileen Cringle, the group's adopted grandparents; they want to book as part of our posse this year. I hope nobody minds that I'm making an exception to the women-only rule...I won't require Wally to have a sex change!

And, on that note, I'm finally out of things to say!
Book away,

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