This blog's title means "Cuban-hearted woman" (very loosely translated!). I settled on this name because it had a nice ring to my unschooled ear and, more importantly, because I think the Cuban people seem to have so much
heart, and they're in my heart for that reason. In general, the people I've met in Cuba are quite consistently open-hearted and big-hearted in the way they relate to each other or to visitors in their beautiful land. A piece of my heart now resides in Cuba, with the warm, wonderful friends I've made there. This blog is not intended to be a guide to Cuba, just a forum for my eclectic bits of writing – poetry, opinion pieces and information gleaned from my personal experience and reading.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

POEM: She is Moonlight

I wrote this poem for one of my dear friends in Pilon. She and her family have taken up residence in my heart.


She is Moonlight
(For Yolaimis)

Her beauty’s moonlight through trees,
subtle as slow-burning coals.

When she smiles, the branches part
and the moon beams brilliantly.

Her eyes are Venus and Mars,
brighter than the winking stars.

They flash a different hue when
rightful anger drowns her heart.

And, they fill a room with warmth
reflecting her lovely soul.

She walks with grace and dances
beautifully, her husband says.

When she whispers through my mind,
she is moonlight.

- J.R.C.
July 25, 2010

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